Tortoise Shell Sunglasses

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Our Newest Style!


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  • Vybe Single Pair Comes With :
    • 1 Tortoise Pair
    • 1 Polarized Lenses of your Choice
    • Made of High-End Nylon Blended TR Plastic
    • A Micro Carrying Pouch
    • Our Love

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Aqua Ice, Black, Coffee, Fusion, Gold, Indigo, Moonshine, Red

Vybes are built with state-of-the-art Nylon Blended TR Plastic. Nylon Blended TR is one of the most durable plastics on the market for eyewear. Our blended Nylon TR material ensures a lightweight fit and feel, flexibility throughout the frame, and upholds Vybes quality standards.

A revolutionary way to express your style with our state of the art sunglasses. Vybe Sunglasses give you the ability to have an endless amount of sunglasses at your disposal. Our design allows you to easily interchange any part with the color of your choice at any time. Made up of a set of ears and arms, a frame, and polarized lenses, you can customize your sunglasses in over thousands of ways